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HOS Training Programs are designed to meet today’s most in demand social media skills and latest market trends. They are made for individuals at any career level that need to improve their skills set to stay competitive and ahead of their game. They are small group sessions, with a hands on approach style. You will be provided with a HOS Social Media Tool Kit, have personal Q&A time and connect with other peers.

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What Others Say

Akash Jatania

Digital Strategist

Businesses in this region need to start making informed decisions based on real data and behavioural insights. You cannot build the right customer experience if you do not understand the finer details of the way people feel and express themselves. Working on this report gave me even more valuable insight onhow much we need this data. It's a powerful lens, helping us make sense of this region's social behaviour. And that's why this report is so important! 

Mihad Khashif


I work very closely with local & regional brands and having growned up in Dubai enables me to have a insight into the local cultural behaviour but the strong lack of insights backed up by data is a constant obstacle so it fascinated me to be able to get in depth with seeing how consumers in this region are behaving. We need more of this to create content in context with the region.


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