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Corporate Traning

This is how businesses can transform their talent with the necessary skills they need to stay competitive in the market and deliver top of the game results. For corporate companies or agencies the training programs are custom-designed to work for your own context, culture, and needs;  either full-day workshops or master classes specifically tailored to your demands and areas of improvement where a gap exists.


What Others Say

Rafic Kamaleddine
Chief Strategy Officer
TBWA/RAAD Middle East

In the age of social, you can’t simply rely on classical PR media techniques. That’s why the training on social media led by Alexandra Mia was essential to bridge the gap, utilize the tools in a proper way and lead the team on their first step toward being social media competent. The step by step approach coupled with hands on exercises allowed the team to grasp the tools and the concepts easily while also thinking for themselves in the process.


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